I remember coming home from school with an art project I had been working on for the last month and running up to my mom to show her what I made. I was so proud of my art work and felt a sense of accomplishment. Although I turned out to be no artist by any […]

When it comes to play, you and your children may get stuck in a rut with doing the same activities over and over. You may go to the same parks, and only know of a few museums in your area. But with the use of the internet, and after browsing a few blogs, you can […]

Everyone is nostalgic when it comes to play. You remember growing up playing hopscotch and tag, and for me I remember playing Red Rover and our own version of “Survivor” on the playground in elementary school. Children look forward to recess after lunch, where they can hang with their friends and get a break from class. Recently, […]

While reading around on KaBOOM!’s blog, I discovered a story about Caine, a boy who lives in Los Angeles and made his own arcade out of cardboard boxes one summer while spending his time at his father’s auto parts shop. As if his arcade isn’t impressive enough, the community outreach and activism all stemmed from a Facebook […]

Play can promote a healthy lifestyle, but to ensure your children are as healthy as possible, you need to develop healthy eating habits. With the abundance of high-processed foods, fast food chains and sodas at childrens’ every call, it is important to have healthy snacks around, whether you are a parent, teacher or babysitter. These […]

Most people wouldn’t think building a playground would lead to many things. It’s colorful, fun to look at, and brings back memories from when we were children. It can be a place for parents to take their children on a weekend, and where children go after lunchtime in school. Other than its shiny and colorful exterior, […]

In my last post, I mentioned how I grew up playing on a play set in my backyard, but that is not the only way children can play. Although we usually think of play as running around a playground and sliding down slides, there are options that are cheaper and don’t require many tools. For […]