Building a Playground…and a Community

Most people wouldn’t think building a playground would lead to many things. It’s colorful, fun to look at, and brings back memories from when we were children. It can be a place for parents to take their children on a weekend, and where children go after lunchtime in school. Other than its shiny and colorful exterior, a playground is just built for play. Wrong.

Playgrounds can be those things, but it is much, much  more than that. Playgrounds promote play, which promotes a healthy lifestyle for children. While I covered that topic in an earlier post, and even though that is important, playgrounds also promote a united neighborhood. Building playgrounds in broken and low-income communities bring together communities for a day of hands-on building, events and fun.


KaBooM!, an organization dedicated to restoring play in America, helps to rebuild communities through building new play spaces. Organizations like KaBooM! exist because they know the importance of play, and the importance of community involvement. After a community applies for a new play ground, and receives funding, KaBooM! volunteers and community volunteers come together to build the playgrounds.

The lack of play spaces in America is referred to as a play desert by KaBoom!. Play deserts occur in areas with high crime rates and  low-income areas, causing a further lack of community and safe places for children. When KaBooM! builds accessible, good-quality playgrounds in these communities, they can help to bring a community together.


Even if KaBooM! can’t come to your neighborhood, they provide directions to building and restoring your community’s play spaces, with benches, shaded structures and murals that will transform it into an inviting community space. Included is shopping lists, skill level and a recommended number of volunteers. So no matter your need, anyone can transform their community.


Play isn’t just for fun. It’s to help save our communities and to bring them back together. Play can help children, bring together our community, and provide laughs for all.

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Photos from KaBooM!.org.


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