Caine’s Arcade Inspires Millions

While reading around on KaBOOM!’s blog, I discovered a story about Caine, a boy who lives in Los Angeles and made his own arcade out of cardboard boxes one summer while spending his time at his father’s auto parts shop. As if his arcade isn’t impressive enough, the community outreach and activism all stemmed from a Facebook event made by indie filmmaker Nirvan Mullick.


Nirvan stumbled upon Caine’s Arcade when he stopped in to purchase a used car part. He purchased a “fun pass” for Caine’s Arcade for $2, which meant he could play up to 500 times with his pass. Nirvan was so impressed by Caine’s Arcade, and was shocked to learn he was his first customer. After speaking to Caine’s dad about making a short film on Caine’s Arcade, Nirvan went to work.

After watching the video I was touched. It made me so happy to see this young boy’s hard work pay off. And the best part? Caine was having fun and being creative. Even better? He inspired millions more to put their imagination to the test and showed everyone that fun doesn’t mean sitting inside playing video games. Fun can happen with a cardboard box.

But how did everyone hear about Caine’s Arcade? That is where filmmaker Nirvan comes in. Nirvan saw the joy on Caine’s face when he had a customer, and Nirvan wanted to bring more joy to Caine. So Nirvan made a Facebook event page and set out to create a flash mob at Caine’s Aracade, all as a surprise. Caine was blown away when he returned from playing in an actual arcade, to see this…


Nirvan created the post and had his friends share it on their Facebooks. He then posted the event on Hidden LA, which had over 230,000 fans, and the event made it to the homepage of Reddit. The event went viral and on the day of the flash mob, over 100 people attended. Caine later told his dad, “that was the best day of my whole life!”

It’s amazing how one filmmaker saw so much creativity in one kid and inspired a community to take action and support Caine. In my next blog post I will discuss how engaging children’s creativity, and engaging with social media can really make a difference in children’s lives.

For more photos of Caine’s Arcade visit the Facebook page, and to see more videos about Caine, visit Nirvan’s YouTube page.


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