Monthly Archives: February 2013

Building a Playground…and a Community

Most people wouldn’t think building a playground would lead to many things. It’s colorful, fun to look at, and brings back memories from when we were children.┬áIt can be a place for parents to take their children on a weekend, and where children go after lunchtime in school. Other than its shiny and colorful exterior, […]

How to Play

In my last post, I mentioned how I grew up playing on a play set in my backyard, but that is not the only way children can play. Although we usually think of play as running around a playground and sliding down slides, there are options that are cheaper and don’t require many tools. For […]

Importance of Play: Physical Activity

Growing up as a kid, my brother, sister and I would spend copious amounts of time running around our backyard and playing on our swing set. My personal favorite was the trapeze bar, where I would hang from the bar by my legs and watch my siblings run around me, of course, upside down. I […]