Finding Play Ideas Online

When it comes to play, you and your children may get stuck in a rut with doing the same activities over and over. You may go to the same parks, and only know of a few museums in your area. But with the use of the internet, and after browsing a few blogs, you can easily change-up your routine and make your playtime even more fun.

So even though we are encouraging our children to move away from the computer and TV, using technology can help you get them out of the house and onto the playgrounds.

Online Calendar Postings

Most people don’t know that local newspapers have online calendars where companies post free events for families and children. As a PR professional, I post events on online calendars frequently. The events range from aquarium specials, free family days at parks, and festivals with free food. Crazy, right?! It makes finding fun things to do so easy. Some of the best for the DMV area are:

Blog Posts

There are a number of “mommy” bloggers on the blogosphere now a days, and many of them are posting about product reviews, family friendly venues, and fun things to do around town. So whether you are new to an area, or are just looking to a parent-approved event, blogs are the place to search. Some blogs include a list of events.

  • Wired Momma: This blogger blogs about all-things parenthood from Washington, D.C. She has threads titled “DC Events with Kids,” “Summer Camps,” and “DC Day Trips with Kids.” All of these threads include a variety of posts on events and family-fun things.
  • DC Metro Mom: This blog is run by numerous bloggers, and is described as a “free, online guide to the best shops, services, activities, and everyday essentials for raising a family in the DC area.” For the guide, this blog has solicited the advice of a diverse network of parents. There are over 3,000 vendors and activities on this site, so begin searching for fun activities now!
  • A Parent in Silver Spring: The blogger, Jessica, is a mother of three and loves sharing DC-area parents with ideas for family activities, knowledge about local resources, and useful information and entertainment. Her blog includes a calendar, activity ideas page and resources.

This list is not exhaustive, as there are millions and millions of websites for family fun and activities. The easiest thing you can do is start a Google search for events happening in your region. You and your family will be out of the house and enjoying your town in no time.


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